Friday, March 27, 2009


Hey kids! I've got a new chapter of Memory up at No Fear of the Future for your reading pleasure. That brings us up to 35 installments total, with no end in sight. Shouldn't I get a cookie or something?
Flavius tried to stand only to find a vine had managed to wrap around his thigh, holding him down. Every time he moved, the hairy spines gouged a little deeper into his flesh.

“Goddamnit,” he muttered, sawing at it with Memory. The vine parted, but not before giving a fierce constriction. “Yeow!”

He leapt up and kicked his leg free. He found Acaona a short distance away, held fast by a knot of the vines. Flavius could see now they were definitely moving, and not as a result of Acaona’s struggles.

“Lassie, what kind of garden have we landed in?” Flavius demanded as he hacked away at the tendrils coiling around her.

Oooh! Killer plants! Things don't look too good for Flavius right now, do they? Give it a read and find out if he survives or not. Or, better yet, start at the beginning!

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