Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A traumatic day

The neighbor's dogs killed our kitten. The girls discovered her as they were heading out to school. Of all the ways for your children to start the day, this one I would recommend the least. I physically ache from the relentless stress, am exhausted from the emotional toll.

She wasn't technically a kitten. Santa brought her last Christmas, but she was unusually small and still acted kittenish. Therefore she was our kitten. There was an extended sequence of events that happened last night--which I won't bore you with here--that if any single thing had gone even slightly differently, the kitten would still be with us.

We've never been on particularly chummy terms with these neighbors--their uncouth dogs have been destroying the fence between us for several years now--but this pretty much puts a capper on it. Had I the money available, we'd be moving post-haste.

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  1. My heart goes out to your daughters, you and your wife. The same thing happened 25 years ago when our son was 8 y.o. and daughter 5 y.o. Our cat lived, and since they saw the brutal assault ....took the cat to the vet, and he went to intensive care. Surgery for internal damage, surgery for broken legs, and $2000 later the cat was home. We took the neighbors to small claims court. Turns out these abusive neighbors had been intimidating the neighborhood. We got signed statements by neighbors of past neglect of their animals that resulted in people, children, and other animals being pictures of our cat...and won a judgement for our vet costs, damages, and they were ordered to rebuild their entire fence. Well...they got rid of the dogs instead...and later moved...our children felt empowered by the time it was there is a way! :)
    Dr. Earl R Henslin