Thursday, August 25, 2011

Armadillocon ho!

Armadillocon starts tomorrow, and I'll be right there in the mix of things. Friday I'm participating as once of the sadistic torturers instructors in the long-running writer's workshop, which is always stimulating and entertaining. I'm also co-hosting the Charity Auction with Mark Finn, which promises no end to the shenanigans. The rest of my weekend schedule is as follows:
Imagining a World without Fossil Fuels
11 AM-Noon
P. Bacigalupi, M. Bey, J. Blaschke*, M. Cardin, D. Chang, K. Stauber
Discussing the implications of this all-too-plausible scenario.

Charity Auction
2-3 PM
J. Blaschke*, Mark Finn*
Come buy stuff to help raise money for the Literacy Coalition of Central Texas.

What is the Next Big Literary Movement in Texas SF/F?
7-8 PM
L. Antonelli, J. Blaschke, R. Eudaly, K. Stauber, D. Webb*, L. Thomas
In the 80s and 90s, Texas writers were intimately involved with the cyberpunk movement. Is there a current movement that's about to sweep up the new crop of Lone Star authors?

A Look Back at the Space Shuttle Program
8-9 PM
J. Blaschke, B. Frank*, J. Gibbons, A. Jackson, B. Mahoney, K. Stauber
Now that the last mission is over, let's discuss the successes of the shuttle and what it meant to the space program and the USA.

Noon-1 PM
M. Bey, J. Blaschke, A. Downum, F. Duarte, S. Johnson, J. Vanderhooft

Finding Your Voice as a Storyteller
1-2 PM
N. Barrett, J. Blaschke*, S. Brust, A. Downum, W. Spencer, S. White
The most fun writers to read are those with distinctive narrative voices. How does a writer develop one?
Stop by and say howdy if you get a chance!

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