Friday, February 03, 2012

Friday Night Videos

I grew up on country music, and small-town Columbus, Texas, testified to the truth of that line in The Blues Brothers about having both kinds of music: Country and Western. In the 80s, John Anderson was ubiquitous on the radio for his smash hit single "Swingin'." I hated that song. Still do. In fact, I hated John Anderson for a long time because of it. But then, my senior year of college, he released "Seminole Wind" and all was forgiven. This is a magnificent song, with a conservationist/ecological theme not often heard in country music. This song stops me in my tracks today, and I have to thank John Anderson for giving it to us, even if I haven't quite forgiven him for "Swingin'" yet.

Previously on Friday Night Videos... Florence and the Machine.

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