Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Night Videos

Friday Night Videos

I really, really love Electric Light Orchestra. The disco stuff, not so much, but even there I like what Jeff Lynne & company did more than most other disco bands. That's neither here nor there. Today's video is the catchy "Hold on Tight." The song itself is kinda nuts, with random French verses thrown in because, presumably, Lynne couldn't come up with any additional English lyrics and just translated what he already had. But the video itself? Utterly nuts. Random pastiches of various film tropes--most of which are thuddingly obvious to the viewer--thrown together in a nonsensical manner that conveys the message that the band said "screw it." There's no attempt to make any sense or tie the imagery in with the actual music. They simply blew a bunch of money on a screwy, three-minute joke.

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