Friday, September 21, 2018

Friday Night Videos

Friday Night Videos

Sheena Easton is kinda my guilty pleasure as far as music goes. I had a huge crush on her in high school, but beyond that, she's got a great voice. Sadly, she had terrible instincts when it came to picking songs, because the amount of drek she recorded is astounding. One of her most successful albums, A Private Heaven, had an uncharacteristically high percentage of good songs. After the top 10 hits "Strut" and "Sugar Walls," I wondered what the third single would be? Maybe the intense, Japanese-techno-dance "Hungry Eyes," or maybe the classic Easton ballad, "Hard to Say It's Over"? I was kinda hoping for "Back in the City," a bright, Latin-infused groove. Alas, none of those turned out to be the third single. Instead, the record company went with "Swear," which was a throwaway piece of filler that ripped off Michael Jackson's "Beat It" while having Easton rap some of the verses. Remember how I said she had terrible instincts? The third single vanished without a trace, and I assumed that was that. Fast forward 30 years--turns out, there was a fourth single, or at least plans for one. I never heard anything about it at the time, and never saw the video aired anywhere, but a video for "Back in the City" turned up on YouTube. Was it shelved when "Swear" tanked? Was it only released overseas? I dunno. I'm just happy this video exists, because I've always liked the song.

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