Monday, June 07, 2021

A Moment of Tiki: The Wall Is Lava

Episode 29 of A Moment of Tiki is now live on the YouTubes! This time out I walk viewers through a build of a faux lava accent wall. I spent the bulk of last summer building out this project in the Lagoon, and it was more of a time-consuming than I'd anticipated. Editing all the footage taken over the course of several months proved a challenge unto itself.

Still, this is a vision I had way back when I started this whole crazy home tiki bar build project, drawing on the "transition" motif popular in tiki as well as mid century modern design elements in the stonework. The wall is lava, folks! How very Mid Century Modern of me! This should've been a simple, straightforward project, but finding artificial lava fa├žade in the continental U.S. is far, far more challenging that one would imagine.

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