Friday, July 02, 2021

Friday Night Videos

Friday Night Videos

Bear with me here for a bit. I remember back in the early 80s watching the Darrin McGavin film "Zero to Sixty" on Showtime. In my memory, I recall the soundtrack blaring Laura Branigan's hit "Gloria" every time McGavin and his teenage sidekick chase after the elusive Joan Collins in her Trans-Am. But a quick check online tells me the movie came out in 1978, whereas Branigan's hit didn't come out until 1982. Even Umberto Tozzi's original Italian version wasn't recorded until 1979, so my memory has got to be subjecting me to the Mandela Effect, right?

Except that as I'm wasting time looking all this stuff up for a film I haven't seen or even thought about in more than 35 years, I discover the name of Joan Collins' character is... Gloria. What!? That can't just be coincidence, can it? Was there a version of this film re-scored for pay cable channels that inserted Branigan's hit? Because really, the song--talking about people chasing Gloria, finding her number, figuring out her alias, that all ties in crazy tight with the Collins character, almost so that the song could've been written specifically for the film. Weird.

So, here's Branigan's no-frills original video for the song. And for good measure, the YouTube link to "Zero to Sixty" is right below. If you watch, you can easily tell where my memory inserts "Gloria" during the chase scenes. I gotta say, it's odd watching the film without that song playing in those spots, because it completely clashes with my memory.

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