Friday, March 04, 2011

Friday Night Videos

You know if you ask the Eurythmics to write a song about love, you're not going to get some kind of mushy, goo-goo eyed ballad of syrupy affection. Instead, you're probably looking at something bleak, cynical and very, very bitter. Something like "Don't Ask Me Why". Which is beautiful and elegant, and pretty much a gorgeous love song, apart from that bleak, cynical and bitter business. This one came from the tail end of their time together, right before Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart broke up as a band (and long after they broke up as a couple) when they couldn't buy a hit with gold bullion. This should've been a monster hit. Instead it barely charted in the Hot 100. Interestingly enough, it presaged the direction Lennox would go musically with her successful solo career, although without much of that afore-mentioned bitterness, cynicism and bleakness.

Previously on Friday Night Videos... Shawn Colvin.

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