Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Night Videos

Pink Floyd's one of my favorite bands, and I even got to see the band live in the Alamodome during the Division Bell tour. But for anyone who knows them solely for Dark Side of the Moon or The Wall, there is a whole other Pink Floyd that's pretty much as far removed from the Roger Waters/David Gilmour concept albums as possible. Band founder Syd Barrett was a songwriter of unparalleled whimsy, embracing psychedelia whole-heartedly, with the aid of many, many illegal drugs. This ultimately destroyed his mind and led to his replacement in the band by Gilmour, but not before he'd produced several quirky albums with Pink Floyd and a like number of his own. His solo work often suffers from shoddy production values, but his songs are invariably catchy, bizarre and ultimately addictive. Here's one of Syd's better-known singles, "Gigolo Aunt." Enjoy!

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