Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Night Videos

"Eugene" was a hit for Crazy Joe and the Variable Speed Band in 1981. Not a huge hit, but it charted higher than singles from Billy Squier, Blue Oyster Cult, the Kinks, Rick James, Rush, ELO... you get the idea. Not even Ace Frehley's connection to the band can explain this success. Watch this video and tell me the early 80s wasn't a messed-up time.

Previously on Friday Night Videos... San Harris.

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  1. What the hell was that?! Seriously, the early 80s is probably my favorite musical era... it's when I was getting into music in the first place. And I've got zero memory of this one. Bizarre... I guess it'd be classed as a novelty tune?

  2. Novelty for sure. I first heard it on Doctor Demento years ago, but hadn't realized it was an actual hit from a semi-legit band. This strikes me as a final dig at disco's rotting corpse.