Friday, August 08, 2014

Friday Night Videos

The worst thing, perhaps, about hit singles off of soundtrack albums is that their videos generally suck. In most cases, very little creativity or budget goes into them. Instead, a bunch of clips for the movie in question are strung together with maybe a few scenes of the actual performer. In essence, it's treated like one only commercial for the film. Which may or may not help at the box office, but dramatically shortens the shelf life of the song. Case in point: "Spies Like Us" by Paul McCartney. This was one of his last hits prior to the music world writing him off as completely irrelevant, and to be honest, it really is a piece of audio fluff. But it's a catchy piece of audio fluff that's a good deal of fun. And despite the obvious drawbacks of the soundtrack clip video, McCartney, Dan Ackroyd and Chevy Chase do seem to be having a grand old time. Curiously, despite "Spies Like Us" being McCartney's last top-10 hit (to the best of my knowledge) it has never on any McCartney album or hits compilation. I mean, nobody's arguing it ranks among his best work, but compared to some of the drivel he's put out over the decades, it's certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

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