Friday, August 31, 2018

Friday Night Videos

Friday Night Videos

Earlier this week I heard Rod Stewart's "Some Guys Have All the Luck" for the first time in what is probably decades. It's Stewart in his 80s pop mode, before he shifted to a more adult contemporary style. It's a typical, visually-striking MTV-friendly video as well. But you know what I most remember about it? A written song parody that turned up in the pages of Cracked or one of those other Mad knock-offs at the time. The parody was "Dumb Guys" and seemed like it should've been a Weird Al bit, but wasn't. The lyrics went something like, "Dumb guys can drive you nuts/Dumb guys are such a pain/Dumb guys don't need a break/Dumb guys have water-on-the-brain." Hmm. Now that I write it out, it doesn't seem nearly as clever as I remember. But I can assure you, my 14-year-old self thought this was high comedy.

Previously on Friday Night Videos... Aretha Franklin.

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