Thursday, October 14, 2021

Armadillocon off the port bow!

Heh. I never get tired of that blog post title.

Armadillocon returns to in-person festivities for the 2021 after the COVID disruption of 2020, and I will be in attendence. They have a rigorous health and safety protocol in place, so I feel comfortable that it won't be a breeding ground for COVID infections. I'm quite looking forward to seeing folks who've been absent from my radar for quite some time.

On Friday I'll be one of the instructors in the writers workshop. I haven't been an instructor for several years and am jazzed to get back into the saddle. I feel I can often see the potential in others' fiction where my own work just leaves me stymied. Hopefully I'll impart some good advice this weekend. My other panels include:

  • Saturday 1-2 p.m. Conventions from a Con-Runner’s and Participant’s POV
    J. L. Blaschke, D. Chang, R. Eudaly*, B. Foster, S. Felix
    What does it take to run a good convention? What are the con-runners hoping to achieve? What do the participants want out of a convention? How to we get these two perspectives to line up to make the perfect con?
  • Saturday 7-8 p.m. Cli-Fi
    C. Brown, J. L. Blaschke, S. Kern, A. Latner*
    Climate fiction, or cli-fi, features a changed or changing climate as a major plot element. We dicuss pioneering and current writers and works, along with suggestions on writing in the genre.
  • Sunday 11 a.m.-noon Writing YA Fiction
    K. Baldwin, J. L. Blaschke*, D. A. Durham
    How to craft stories that capture the interest of tweens and teens.
  • Sunday 2-3 p.m. Autographing
    J. L. Blaschke, S. Leicht, A. Royer

Drop in and say hi if you're in the area. Hope to see you there!

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