Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So. Swine flu arrives in the neighborhood...

Just got word that the kids have an unscheduled two-week vacation. All schools in New Braunfels--that includes New Braunfles ISD, Comal ISD and private schools--are now closed until May 11.
The closings are occurring at the recommendation of the Comal County Medical Authority.
“All of this is being done with an abundance of caution,” said Superintendent Mike Smith. “We will support the recommendation of the county health department.”
Overman gave city, county, medical and emergency-related officials a briefing regarding the one positive and multiple probable cases of swine flu detected throughout the city and county, including both school districts, and all private schools.

At the university, we've been having swine flu prep meetings daily. Everyone's holding their breath, since the last day of classes is Friday. All it takes is one confirmed case to shut down the campus and send everyone home--Texas State is particularly vulnerable, with so many Mexican nationals shopping at the San Marcos outlet malls, and so many university students working there.

Here's hoping these closings stop this thing in its tracks. Is the national media sensationalizing this? Absolutely. But then again, nobody wants a repeat of 1918, so I'll tolerate a little freakout if it gets people to take this thing seriously.

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