Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Half moon with seas

I shot this half-moon image using the eyepiece projection method (which I used for the photo in the previous blog entry as well). The eyepiece used was a 15mm GSO-manufactured SmartAstronomy Plössl. You can tell by the purple fringe and lack of sharpness in the southern region how the seeing conditions were not optimal. Still, I think it's a decent representation of the lunar seas of the eastern hemisphere, starting with Mare Imbrium at the terminator, then as we go clockwise, Mare Serenitatis, Mare Tranquillitatis and the small Mare Nectaris, with the larger Mare Fecunditatis directly to the east and the circular Mare Crisium off there by its lonesome.

This next shot was taken of the moon's heavily-cratered southern polar region with that same 15mm lens coupled with a 2x Barlowe.

With the 50D's Live View and high resolution, I hope to try my hand at some longer exposure deep-sky objects before long. Provided I can find some skies with less light pollution, and can manage a decent polar alignment, of course.

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