Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Belated Christmas

The Wife just gave me my final Christmas present of the year--mainly because the post office just delivered it. It's a new secondary mirror holder for my telescope. The old one, you may recall, has deteriorated over the years (it's close to 30 years old, after all) and no longer adjusts for collimation. It also doesn't hold the secondary mirror securely, which introduces a good bit of wobble and shiftiness to it. None of these things are good.

The replacement is a nice model from Astrosystems, which features four-point collimation adjustment. This ought to make lining up the mirrors much simpler. The only downside is that the old secondary holder is so deteriorated, I'll most likely have to destroy it to take it apart and remove the mirror. The trick is to not scratch the mirror in the process. Fingers crossed...

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