Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Night Videos

Paul McCartney has earned a reputation as a sometimes brilliant songwriter who almost always releases piss-poor albums. This is a well-deserved reputation. His sentimentality tends to overcome his talent more often than not, resulting in musical drivel. That said, he's still capable of showing the brilliance that made his songwriting with the Beatles such a showstopper. I'm not going to argue that his 1993 album Off the Ground bucks these trends. It doesn't compare to its predecessor, Flowers in the Dirt, but by the same token it's far superior to the forgettable Press to Play. One of the standouts on Off the Ground is "Hope of Deliverance", a tune in which McCartney treads dangerously close to pablum territory, but the general sense of optimism contained in the song and buoyant instrumental arrangement lifts it to something better. It's one I quite like, and it deserves more attention than it is generally afforded.

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