Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Night Videos

On Facebook and elsewhere, I've had a bit of conversation of late regarding Vegemite. I like the stuff--had a sample a few years back during an Aussie friend's visit--but it's not readily available in the U.S. So when I saw some at World Market last week, I picked up a jar despite the (relatively) steep price. I'm probably being charitable by saying it's an acquired taste. It's a thick, dark yeast extract paste that is fairly pungent and briny, but is also fat- and carb-free, chok full of vitamin B and lesser amounts of other nutrients. A little goes a long way. I've discovered it pairs really well with dark beer when spread on toast (I tend to go for nutty, multi-grain breads, for the record). None of which has anything at all to do with Friday Night Videos, other than the fact I cannot speak of Vegemite without automatically thinking of Men At Work. Enjoy.

Previously on Friday Night Videos... Talking Heads.

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