Monday, January 05, 2015

Chicken Ranch report no. 50: Tx Citizen comes a-callin'

Tx Citizen Jayme Blaschke chicken ranch

Saturday was Edna Milton's birthday. She would've been 87. It's hard to believe that six years have passed since I first met her and started on this Quixotic quest to write the definitive history of the Chicken Ranch. When I look back over that time, all I can do is shake my head and say, "Wow."

Things are afoot in Chicken Ranch Book Land. Some I can share, some I can't. Rest assured I am not sitting on my laurels and am talking with publishers to get this book in print in the most widely-available, professional quality form possible. And people are noticing. I gave several lectures on the Chicken Ranch in 2014 and expect to give more in 2015. And the good folks (okay, the somewhat disreputable folks) over at the TxCitizen have taken notice and devoted an entire cover story (!) to yours truly. Very cool! And Lisa on Location scored that nifty cover shot as well.

Nick Rogers came over a couple weeks back and spent an afternoon talking with me about all things Chicken Ranch. He wrote up a pretty good piece, which can be read at this link or via the embed below. Here's a small sample:

The long history of the infamous "Chicken Ranch" of La Grange is, according to author Jayme Blaschke, "the story of Texas."

"It parallels the evolution of Texas as a culture and society," Blaschke said. "Every piece of history is reflected in the Chicken Ranch." The story of the Ranch and its demise is a reflection of power structures, clashing cultural mores, urban vs. rural conflicts and the power of television media. The story is also one of the people involved, strong personalities whose battle mirrored such growing chasms.

TX Citizen 1.1.15

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