Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend in review (or, a study in self-destruction)

So, Saturday I did not get to sleep late on my one day of the week I normally get to do so, on account of Bug having a make up baseball game that morning. The game the night before had been rained out by the storms that rolled through, and Saturday morning was the only alternative as more rain was predicted for the other options. Naturally, when we get there it turns out the Orioles win by default, as the opponent didn't bother to show up. There were two other teams there with defaults as well, so since everyone was up early and in uniform, the coaches combined the three teams into two and held a scrimmage. I'm happy to report that Bug hit a single off the other side's starting pitcher, and ultimately scored the only run for his side. Yay! Coaches noticed that he's gotten hits in back-to-back games as well, which is always good.

Back home, I tackled some much over-due yard work. I planted two caerulea passion flowers (blue) and three caerulea var. Constance Eliott (white), which I'd grown from cuttings taken from the old house. Caerulea are known for producing pretty, bright orange fruit with deep red arils inside. The edible fruit looks delicious but is so bland as to be offensive. My particular Constance Eliott actually produces fruit with a mild sweetness, so while it's still a long way from being "good" it is at least palatable. So I'm happy I've been able to perpetuate them. Unfortunately, I'd grown the cuttings in plastic soda bottles, and to get them out for planting I had to cut them. Using a pocket knife to slice through the plastic, I slipped twice and gashed my left thumb and ring finger pretty good. You'd be surprised how much little cuts like that bleed and hurt. For first aid, I had my pick of Angry Birds and Frozen Band-Aids. Such is my life.

Once the bleeding stopped, I planted out the Li jujube and Austin pomegranate. Both of these went in without any significant bodily injury, although the clouds abruptly burned off and the sun made my back yard an instant sauna about halfway through the enterprise.

Then I went to work on the studio, which, were my name King Sisyphus, would be my personal boulder. The Wife had the studio booked all day Sunday, so I went to work on detail work that would give it a more completed look. I installed vintage-style track lighting on the ceiling, casing on the entry window and about half the crown molding (with the requisite wood puttying as well). I'd meant to tackle the three north windows as well, but didn't get around to them. That list may not sound like a lot, but it kept me working until midnight, with the exception of a one-hour break to shower and take the kids to Herbert's Tacos for dinner. I have to say the studio is rounding into final form, and will look damn impressive once all is said and done (the flaws and corners cut are glaring to me, but I am assured the casual observer won't ever notice). The Wife is growing more giddy, as the aesthetics are turning out to exceed what she'd envisioned. Which is good, because the goal has always been to give the studio a luxurious feel, so that clients never for a second feel they've stepped into a converted garage.

Naturally, I wrapped up the evening's work by spraining my right wrist. I know, right? Whilst cleaning up to make the studio usable for the next day's bookings, I had my left arm filled with tools and other stuff so I reached with my right to unplug the drill from the wall socket. I'm still not clear how I managed it, but when I pulled, my wrist popped and the plug remained in the socket. Wow. Now any lateral stress--picking up, lifting, pushing--generates an impressive amount of pain. Not enough to incapacitate, but enough to get my attention. Fortunately, it's faded significantly now (otherwise I wouldn't be writing this) but it's still reminding me to take it slow. Considering how much I'm using table, band, jig and chain saws of late, I suppose I should be happy that I still have a wrist to sprain.

Next up: More studio work plus planting the pindo palm and loquat tree!

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