Friday, August 07, 2015

Friday Night Videos

Friday Night Videos

Wow. Can I say wow? David Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame has a new album coming out, and has released a new single, "Rattle That Lock." It's not the greatest piece of music ever, but damn. This four-and-a-half minutes has more personality and vigor than anything on The Endless River, and while I understand that final Pink Floyd album is intended as ambient music evolved from The Big Spliff, you still expect Floyd music to be more striking than pleasant. And the lyrics! Polly Samson's verses in "Louder Than Words" were Exhibit A in why Gilmour should've buried the hatchet and invited Roger Waters back into the fold, but here, Samson builds a song out of allusions to Paradise Lost and it works. And the animated video draws inspiration from the great artist Gustave Dore (who illustrated Baron Munchausen as well as Milton's work). This doesn't exactly sound like Pink Floyd music, but it does sound like David Gilmour music, if that makes any sense. Very cool, indeed.

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