Friday, September 04, 2020

Friday Night Videos

Friday Night Videos

There weren't many bands bigger than Journey in the 80s. Success breeds imitation, and I daresay there wasn't a bigger Journey-esque band than Survivor (which will certainly earn me hate from Survivor's fanbase, but honestly, their sound share 90% of the same DNA). I heard "High on You" yesterday in the grocery store for the first time in maybe 20 years, and although I knew the lyrics by heart it took me a minute to remember the band. My first thought was, naturally, Journey, but obviously the singer wasn't Steve Perry. My mental list reached as far as .38 Special before I remembered Survivor. The song really is a well-crafted three minutes of top 40 goodness, filled with multiple hooks and catchy lyrics. I still have several Survivor albums from that era, none of which are anywhere near as memorable as individual songs. Strange how some bands craft brilliant albums with no hits, and others record forgettable albums filled with hits. Go figure.

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  1. well this is something new , never heard any 80's song since i was born in 96's , what a classic one