Monday, May 14, 2007

HEROES: The Hard Part

Okay, I finally caught up with last week's Heroes episode, "The Hard Part." Overall, I found it an okay episode, but nothing great. It's another of those where nothing much happens other than shuffle the playing pieces around to get them in place for the final act. Which is fine as far as that goes, except for the fact that there have been several of those already this season. It gets kind of old after a while.

Several things stood out as good about this one. Sylar's visit to his flighty mother was a nice touch, humanizing the villain. The super chick holding Micah prison having reality-warping abilities beyond just being able to change her appearance was nice, too. Mohinder's interactions with the shadowy government conspiracy folks worked fairly well, too, as did his discovery of the cure for the little girl's affliction. And the fact that the shadowy government conspiracy wants New York to go boom as much as Linderman does is a curious development, even if this episode once again veered closer to inviting Watchmen comparisons.

Other things didn't work so well. The cliche'd struggle between Sylar and his mom, leaving the injured party in "doubt" struck such a false chord I laughed out loud. Hiro's confrontation with Sylar was poorly executed even if the buildup was anything but. And the show really needs to hire writers who can script children's dialog, because every time the sick little girl said something to Mohinder, it was like fingers on the chalk board. Little kids--even those with super powers--simply don't talk that way. Ugh.

Anyhoo, I'm looking forward to tonight's episode. Since there's only two left, I figure something's got to happen this time around.

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    It's a pain, as over 250 subs get in there fine so far, so I would suggest two things:

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