Thursday, May 24, 2007


Okay, I'm not a big follower of Lost since I firmly believe the showrunners have no clue as to where they're going with it, but I do keep up enough for random conversations. And I watched last night's two-hour season finale. I'm happy to report that it was one of the better Lost installments because A) stuff actually happened and 2) the survivors finally got a clue, got hard-assed and realized that everything Ben says is a lie. And flash-forwarding three years is an interesting bit of misdirection, especially if they plan on reintroducing Walt and his kid to the storyline.

But one thing really bugged me, and took away from an otherwise enjoyable episode: Charlie's stupid, senseless death. If he really is dead, of course. With this show, you can never tell. But assuming he is dead, without rewatching the episode frame-by-frame for hidden clues, I have to ask 1) why didn't he close the hatch from the outside where he'd be safe, B) why he just didn't hold his breath and swim out the ruptured porthole to safety (or at least try--it certainly looked wide enough to accommodate his skinny hobbit ass, and 3) where was the huge air pocket that should've formed in the room once the seawater reached the top of the broken porthole? A major plot point rested on that room being sealed, so if that's the case, Charlie should've had plenty of air to wait out a rescue attempt by Desmond. If the room wasn't actually sealed off, water should've rushed into the docking area after finding its way through the vents or whatever. Stupid, stupid, stupid violation of the laws of physics here, especially since the docking area set itself relies on the same principal. Sad to see a supposedly smart show like this one pull such a boneheaded move.

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