Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Credit where credit's due

Remember the other day when I voiced some degree of disappointment with Best Buy's Geek Squad for their lackluster efforts regarding the diagnosis of my computer's problems? Well, apparently they have folks at Corporate HQ who Google blogs and the like for references, and came upon mine.

So I get a call from them--or rather, The Wife does--and they leave a call back number for me. Which I call. The guy on the other end thanks me for calling and apologizes for the mediocre, apathetic treatment I experience at the San Marcos location. He expresses appreciation for the detail in which I go into my experience on my blog (which wasn't all that detailed IMHO, since I'm normally way too verbose by default) and informs me they're refunding my $63 since the whole process pretty much left me where I'd started.

Is that cool or what?

I've gone from having generally negative feelings about Best Buy to having generally warm fuzzy feelings about them. This is not insignificant. I hold grudges against the corporate world on general principal. Example: When The Wife and I got married, Foley's sent us a pre-approved credit card application with a special newlyweds discount offer for purchasing items of our china set that we hadn't received as wedding gifts. It was a clever way of getting us to spend money to fill out our set, which we otherwise were not likely to do. So we go in. And fill out paperwork. And more paperwork. Then they submit our paperwork. It doesn't go through. They try again. Still nothing. The manager gets involved. They call Corporate HQ. They talk on the phone. They talk to someone else. Finally, after more than two hours, they decline our application! We point out that it is pre-approved. This doesn't impress them at all. To make matters worse, they refuse to tell us why our "pre-approved" application was declined. "That's confidential," they tell us. And they refuse to apologize for the ordeal. I never set foot in Foley's again after that day, and now, all these years later, Foley's is no more. Coincidence? I think not. Remind me to tell you kids about my feud with Diamond Shamrock/Valero some day.

The point is, Best Buy has avoided this sad fate. And the disaffected Geek Squad remains employed for yet another day.

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  1. Anonymous12:25 PM

    It's also a warm, fuzzy feeling to see the internet used by companies as more than just a marketing tool. Customer service is such a lost art in North America.

    Thanks for sharing your Best Buy experience.

  2. Rock and roll! I won't look askance at those VW Beetles any more.