Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Infrared camera for sale

SOLD! The time has come to sell my workhorse Canon Rebel XTi camera body. It has been infrared modified by Lifepixel, the 720nm option, so that the images it takes can either be processed as false-color or high-contrast black and white. I've found it pretty flexible in that regard. The autofocus system is calibrated to the EF 50mm 1.8 lens, and works flawlessly with that. I've also found AF works well with the EF-S 10-22mm lens if aperture is stopped down to at least f/8 when shooting.

I bought this camera--my first ever DSLR--in March of 2008, new. I'm the only owner. We had it converted to full-time infrared two years ago, for use in my wife's wedding photography business. We had a Canon 50D converted about six months back, also by Lifepixel, so the XTi has sat unused since then. The camera still functions well. I'm estimating it's got approximately 55,000 shutter actuations on it, but that's just a guess since it's darn near impossible to get an accurate number with these Digic II bodies. There is some obvious wear on the grip from use (see image). The pop-up flash no longer pops up. I'm not sure when this happened, because I never use pop-up flashes. The hot shoe works just fine. In addition to the body, I'm including the vertical battery grip, three batteries, battery charger and the Canon software that came with it new.

I'm asking $350, shipped. Paypal is fine. Considering the fact that a conversion is going to cost nearly that much, I think that's a fair price. It's a nice little camera, we just don't need it anymore.

I'm posting this in multiple places, so anyone interested should email me.

Here are some images I've taken with this XTi over the years:

Monument Valley Sandstorm, infrared

Mission San Xavier replica, infrared

bridal portrait, infrared

Very Large Array, infrared

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