Friday, December 17, 2004

Amazon ahoy!

Every day holds new wonders, it seems. In short, the great and mighty now recognizes my otherwise insignificant existance with its listing of Voices of Vision: Creators of Science Fiction and Fantasy Speak. Which means you can buy my book at a steep discount from that gigantic purveyor of bookish goodness. Buy through the link above, and this humble author gets a tiny cut through the Associates program. (Which is good, because my little girls need new shoes. Seriously.)

But what if you're British, and are one who prefers to support the economy of the empire, rather than propping up those insufferable colonies? Not a problem! It just so happens that the tea-and-crumpets online bookseller has one too.

But wait, you say. Mayhap I'm not British or American. What can I do? Well, you can hie yourself over to, as the French are also on the cutting edge of my book's availability. Wow. I am certifiably international.

Unfortunately, none of these sites yet have book descriptions or the cover art on display yet. For those, you'll have to go directly to the University of Nebraska Press website.

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