Thursday, December 09, 2004

Jack Chalker hospitalized

I've learned from the SFWA website that author Jack Chalker was hospitalized on December 7. His son, Steven, posted the following info to Jack's web site,

"Dad has had problems lately with his leg and yesterday he went into the hospital. This evening Mom (Eva Whitley) and me went into his room and he was sleeping. He is in Fair Condition according to the nurse, but I have bad news: He has congested heart failure. His heartbeat has been moderating between 50 bpm and 90 bpm but mostly in between 50 and 65. This does mean that his new book will be delayed but I have the feeling he will not die. Everyday I will be updating his condition and keep you posted. Click here to leave a "Get Well Soon" message/comment for Jack and I'll see to it he'll get all the messages from his fans. I've already got two."

At 2:27pm on the 8th, Steven added: "Condition: Critical Reason: Last night he was in fair condition, and last night he went downhill and got placed on a ventilator. Cannot get off it ever again. I don't think he's coming back to the house unless otherwise."

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