Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Son of zombie chupacabra!

I blame it on Bat Boy. With the Weekly World News having breathed its last, the universe was compelled to fill the void created by the departure of Bat Boy news. Nature abhors a vacuum, so it goes, and apparently our old pal zombie chupacabra has stepped up to the plate in this time of need.

It's been some time since our necrotic canine friend has graced this blog, so let us recap: Zombie chupacabra made its first appearance July of 2004, whereupon it was promptly shot dead, attracting the attention of Whitley Strieber and the MUFON network. But being shot, as all horror movie fans know, isn't anything that will keep a good undead monster down, so we had the sequel that following October, this time with lots of gory pictures. Shortly thereafter, my blog traffic went through the roof, only dropping off when I switched ISPs a year ago and the posted photos became broken links (I've since reposted the images. Now, if only some of those teeming hordes would buy my book while they're here...).


Zombie chupacabra made its triumphant return in July, appearing this time in Cuero, Texas, a town I know very well since my grandmother lives there. In proper zombie chupacabra fashion, this encounter ended once again with the animal dead (or so we think...) but for once the story doesn't end there.
The mystery animal recently killed in DeWitt County is now immortalized on a T-shirt that is flying off the shelves at Phylis Canion's Cuero store. Canion discovered the corpse on her property last month and sent a tissue sample off for DNA testing to determine exactly what the animal is.

Her brother-in-law, David Boyd of Goliad, convinced her she should do a T-shirt.

"At first I said, 'No way,'" Canion said. "Then I was just going to do them for the family. Well, our staff wore them in the store Monday and everyone who came in wanted one."

Canion received 75 shirts on Friday and has already had to reorder.

"We think the shirt turned out great. It has been so popular, and most people don't even know we have them yet," she said.

Chupacabra shirts! Zombie chupacabra shirts for everyone! You know, things like this are what makes America great. Bat Boy spent years roaming around the mountains of Afghanistan and never was able to find Bin Laden, but maybe, just maybe, a pack of zombie chupacabras turned loose in the poppy fields could do the trick.

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  1. Hey, any idea how i order one of those shirts? Is there website for the store or a phone number? Thanks!

  2. katie7:27 PM

    i'd like to know where i can get one too!

  3. I don't know where this shirt is but you can find other chupacabra paraphanalia here: