Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chicken Ranch report no. 16

These past few days have proven interesting on the book front. I realize I've kept fairly quiet here, but rest assured that's only because life is overwhelmingly busy of late. The current chapter continues to defy my attempts to finish it, and shows every indication of becoming the longest installment of the book thus far. It's frustrating, because every extra day I spend on it puts me farther behind schedule. I can't very well impose an arbitrary ending and move on, so I have little choice but to press on as best I'm able.

I also received some very crummy news yesterday that I'll not go into now. It's a definite setback that's put me in a bit of a mood, but I'll deal with it and move on, as I always do.

On a more positive note, yesterday also brought to me an invitation to present a paper at the East Texas Historical Association's fall conference. There are quite a few details to work out between now and then, but it'd certainly be a nice opportunity if things work out.

I also filed a Public Information Request with the Texas DPS. Yes, I feel such the investigative reporter now. This is something I should've done several years ago, but I put it off, partly out of the hope my other research would turn up the information, and partly out of... well, paranoia isn't the exact word, but when you've invested as much time, money and effort into a project as I have with this book, you don't want to tip your hand. The last thing I want to happen is Texas Monthly screw me over again as they did with the San Antonio Worldcon back in 1997, and I guarantee they'd jump at the chance.

At any rate, I am so ready to finish this book and move on to other projects!

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