Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Night Videos

Abadabadango was the second single of Kim Carnes' "Barking at Airplanes" album. Unlike the first single, Crazy in the Night, it didn't chart. This baffled me at the time and baffles me still, as the song is a perfect example of the bright, energetic dance pop so popular on the charts at the time. I figure record stores and radio stations simply couldn't figure out how to spell the song's bizarre title, which in all honesty, sounds like a rejected Fred Flintstone catchphrase. The rare video is cool, though, with high contrast black and white halation giving it an artsy vibe, and who can argue with that vintage 80s saxophone solo?

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  1. Hm. I really liked "Crazy in the Night" back in the day, but don't remember ever hearing this one before. Too bad... good solid mid-80s pop tune.

  2. I'd be surprised if anyone heard it who didn't buy the album. The single had colorful, surreal tribal-style art on the sleeve (I bought one) but I really do think the title baffled airplay programmers. Barking At Airplanes was a pretty strong album overall, but this and Crazy were the only two obvious singles. Her follow up album, Lighthouse, was more of the same, but even less single oriented. Her career pretty much evaporated after that.