Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Night Videos

This week has been a stressful and exhausting one. Despite the month of July being traditionally the slowest, quietest month of the year at work, I've been incredibly busy with a variety of irons in the fire. The biggest of these irons is currently earning significant news coverage across the U.S. and is a likely future National Geographic article and/or television special: The excavation of a remarkably-preserved 19th century shipwreck off the Texas coast in waters nearly a mile deep. What's not in the linked article but announced yesterday is the fact that two additional shipwrecks from the same era were also identified close by, indicating this was either a convoy or a privateer with it's captured prizes that went down in a storm two centuries ago. Wow. So it strikes me as appropriate that today's featured song be the Renaissance festival and folk-singer favorite "The Mermaid," performed here by Makem and Clancy:

Previously on Friday Night Videos... Blue Öyster Cult.

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