Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Night Videos

I've commented here before on how, despite the huge importance of videos to promote musicians in the 1980 and the arrival of networks such as Country Music Television (CMT) and the Nashville Network (TNN), country music videos by and large sucked. I mean, the sheer awfulness and incompetence of C&W music videos was just staggering on a general basis. Not only did country singers just not seem to get the concept, their record labels--often the same ones who produced slick, cinematic content for MTV--seemingly opted for inexperienced film-school dropouts more often than not if the video involved a country act. The video for Eddie Rabbitt's cover of "The Wanderer," however, is a clear exception. It's got all the cinematic polish one would expect from MTV, but I suppose that's not too surprising, seeing as how Rabbitt has never been part of the Randy Travis/George Strait traditionalist school of country music. Rabbitt has always has a strong crossover element to his work, and when you get down to it, his version of this song sounds infinitely more do-wop than two-step.

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