Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Night Videos

I like Banarama's song "Cruel Summer," and thought about featuring it today as summer officially ends on Sunday. But the video is serious weak sauce. So instead I'm going with that girl group's other big hit, "Venus." I don't particularly like Banarama's dance cover of this old Shocking Blue hit, but I suppose that's okay, since I don't have much use for the original, either. But the video is absolutely nuts. I mean, it's gonzo insane, makes not a lick of sense even if you turn your head sideways, and looks like it was made for about $300 once the wacky costume rentals are paid for. They sure as heck didn't spend that much on choreography. Truly, this is something that could only exist in the 80s.

Previously on Friday Night Videos... Eddie Rabbit.

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  1. Anonymous10:45 PM

    The Coffee Table book, "Ghosts of the Chicken Ranch" arrived today. Thank you so much. I read it immediately & scanned thru the pictures. The place looks a lot like it did when I last traveled memory lane there in about 1998. Your mention in the acknowledgments was very thoughtful. Thanks again Jayme & to Miss Lisa, as well.