Friday, March 06, 2015

Friday Night Videos

Morris Day was the breakout star of Purple Rain back in the '80s, and his band, The Time, was pretty much the only one of Prince's endless stream of underwhelming proteges to actually live up to its promise as a kick-ass funk band. Alas, somehow Prince owned the band and at the height of The Time's popularity, essentially disbanded the group for the better part of a decade. Morris went solo, and it turned out that his brash, politically incorrect Casanova persona wasn't nearly as effective outside of a group. What's more, Morris' songwriting and song selection proved weak, resulting in solo work that sounded much like watered-down Time B-sides. He had a few gems, though, and "Fishnet" is one of them although the humor in the video has not aged well.

Previously on Friday Night Videos... Kenny Rogers.

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