Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Night Videos

Friday Night Videos

Okay, there's no denying that Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show was politically incorrect to an amazing degree back in the day, but the group had such a knucklehead charm about it that they still kinda get away with it. Case in point: "Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk." Overall, this was clearly a cheap video to make, but I hope the woman was well paid, because her butt gets more screen time than all of the other elements in the video combined. Has anyone ever done a serious study on the fetishization of women's blue jeans in the late 70s/early 80s? Because goodness, it was big business at the time! I'm guessing that this coincided with the first jeans cut and marketed specifically for women, but that's just based on vague memories that may or may not be accurate. If any social historians want to take up this area of research, this Dr. Hook video is a good place to start.

Previously on Friday Night Videos... Merle Haggard.

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