Thursday, January 05, 2017

Drafthouse redemption!

Those of you keeping score at home may remember my tale of woe from late December, where The Wife and I attended a screening of Gremlins at the Alamo Drafthouse in New Braunfels with the intention of obtaining a limited-edition Gremlins-styled tiki mug produced by Mondo for the popular theater chain. The email we'd received in November indicated that the mugs would be available only to those who purchased tickets for Gremlins or a number of other movies scheduled for special screenings. Well, turns out that turned into a logistical headache, and the Drafthouse quietly dropped those plans and simply sold the mugs to anyone who wanted them. By the time of our Gremlins screening, the New Braunfels Drafthouse location was completely out, and The Wife and I were out of luck.

Enter Tim League. The cinematic guru behind the Drafthouse, I received an email from him less than 24 hours after my initial blog post went live. He was professional and apologized for my being caught up as "collateral damage" as the promotional strategy changed. He promised to make things right, and with the aid of the uber-helpful Sarah Pitre, this package arrived yesterday:

Pretty cool, no? I'm developing a nice little tiki mug collection to go along with my tiki bar out back. Thanks a million, Alamo Drafthouse! All is forgiven!

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