Friday, August 03, 2018

Armadillocon off the port bow!

It's that time again, when the Texas science fiction/fantasy community comes together for a fun weekend of thoughtful discussion, art, writing and other good genre stuffs at Armadillocon 40. I'm a little slow out of the gate, but will be there amongst all those folks far more talented than myself. For those of you interested in such things, here is my weekend schedule:

4 p.m. Welcome to ArmadilloCon
Jennifer Juday (moderator), Craig W. Chrissinger, Dantzel Cherry, Rhonda Eudaly, Jayme Lynn Blaschke
Panelists will talk about the essential elements of SF cons in general and ArmadilloCon in particular. Learn about all the can't-miss events you should attend to get the most out of our con.

9 p.m. Space Operas: Reading Beyond the Expanse
Jayme Lynn Blaschke (moderator), C. Stuart Hardwick, T. Eric Bakutis, Thomas Wagner
Space opera is alive and kicking in the 21st century! What new space operas do our panelists recommend? What classics do we not want to miss, and why? How do they see the field evolving?

10 p.m. Small Presses - How They Work, and How Writers Can Work with Them
David R. Stokes (moderator), Jacob Weisman, Elizabeth Burton, Jayme Lynn Blaschke
What's the world of small presses like? What are the advantages and disadvantages for writers looking to work with them? What's the market like, and how is it changing?

Noon Writing YA: Advice on What Works and What Doesn't
Jayme Lynn Blaschke (moderator), Ari Marmell, Patrice Sarath, Trakena Prevost, Holly Black
What are the key elements of a YA novel? What do we need to do differently?

2 p.m. Reading - Jayme Lynn Blaschke
I'll be reading a selection from my in-progress novel, Sailing Venus.

1 p.m. Urban Fantasy and Its Evolution Skyler White (moderator), C. J. Mills, Paige E. Ewing, Jayme Lynn Blaschke, Christie Meierz
How is the field of urban fantasy evolving? What do our panelists think are "must reads," and what's up next on their "to be read" lists?
I'm also scheduled to participate on the Bill Crider memorial panel on Saturday night, but unfortunately I have a personal conflict and won't be able to attend.

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