Thursday, February 10, 2005

Because we haven't talked about chupacabras in a while...

I decided to check up on what, if any, new information Whitley Strieber has uncovered regarding the strange, doglike creature killed in Elmendorf last year (followed shortly by another killed in East Texas, a couple hundred miles away). The verdict of DNA testing? It's some sort of canine, but we can't tell what it is: has received word from the laboratory doing DNA studies on the Elmendorf animal, the strange creature killed near Elmendorf, Texas, last May, that the DNA is canine, but that it has been subjected to too much stress to tell anything about a specific species.

There's also another article on the site discussing similar animals attacking pets in California, but the size of these West Coast chupacabras is way bigger than the scrawny, malnourished animals from Texas.

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