Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Royalty statement!

My first royalty statement came in today! Wow, now I have actual black-and-white evidence to tell me how my book is doing in the stores of this fine nation. And the down and dirty is that I am halfway toward earning out. Yay!

The downside is that I have no context with which to frame this information. Is the book living up to the publisher's expectations? Is this the pattern shown by most of their titles, or am I falling short? Ahead of the curve? I'd imagine the bulk of library sales happen in the first few months of release, so I'd expect my sell-through to decline significantly for the second half of 2005. But how much? Is it reasonable to expect it to earn out by this time next year? Or can I kiss the hope of it earning out goodbye since it didn't achieve that milestone within the first six months? I dunno. I hope to find out, however.

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