Monday, December 05, 2005

Announcement of a personalish nature

Well, I've put this off as long as possible, so I might as well share with everyone at once. Lisa's pregnant, and due in a few months. It's a boy, our first, and we're wondering how the family's going to adjust to that. I mean, we've just now got this whole "raising girls" thing down. In any event, here's an ultrasound image from a few weeks back:

So, big changes coming up in the Blaschke household. Calista and Keela are bouncing off the walls with excitement, Lisa's uncomfortable because the kid keeps kicking her liver up into her throat, and I'm having to bite my tongue a lot when people keep saying, "Aren't you glad you're finally having a boy?" as if Calista and Keela were mere consolation prizes. Comes with the territory, I suppose. But yeah, another little one gracing our abode. Definitely nervous. And excited. Nervous and excited.

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