Friday, December 09, 2005

Northern Iowa 40, Texas State 37

This has been an amazing year for the Bobcat football team, and head coach David Bailiff is to be commended for all that he's accomplished in a spectacular two-year turnaround. I just hope the coaching staff learns two lessons for the future:

1) Never let the opposing team's failure to convert a two-point conversion prompt you to attempt an unnecessary two-point conversion in the third quarter. Dennis Franchione lost a game for A&M because of an ill-advised two-point try earlier this season, and it's safe to say the Bobcats weren't watching that game when it happened, otherwise they'd have kicked the PAT and won this thing in regulation tonight.

2) When you have the ball on your 30 yard line with three time outs and 1:24 left on the clock, don't kneel the ball to force overtime. Not when a field goal will win it for you. Too many uncontrollable elements in OT to make that a safe gamble.

Other than that, great season 'Cats. It's definitely something to build on and be proud of.

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