Tuesday, February 12, 2008

An interview with Flavius MacDuff

I've published a new installment of MEMORY over at No Fear of the Future. I've now topped roughly 5,000 words, and amazingly enough, have yet to miss a posting deadline. For those of you following along since the beginning (and newcomers to the ongoing saga) I thought it might be fun to interview the initial protagonist of the piece, Flavius MacDuff, and get his thoughts on how the story is progressing.

Jayme: Well, Flavius, we've reached chapter five in this little literary experiment. It's a minor milestone as these things go, but a milestone nonetheless. What do you think of the story thus far?

Flavius: Piss off.

Jayme: Excuse me?

Flavius: I said 'piss off' ya bastard. What, are ya deaf and stupid?

Jayme: There's no need for such hostility?

Flavius: Nae need? Nae need? That's easy for ya to say. Yer nae the one killed off in chapter two!

Jayme: Well, you have to admit it was a dramatic death.

Flavius: Bugger drama! Ya had that beastie chew me up and spit me out! D'ya know how much something like that hurts?

Jayme: Well, I'm sorry for that. But you have to understand, I'm a writer. I take what I do seriously. I have to stay true to the narrative.

Flavius: Narrative. Ha! Yer a hack.

Jayme: Now you're just being nasty.

Flavius: Hack. How else d'ye explain this butchered brogue ya make me speak in? I sound like Mike Meyers in So I Married an Ax Murderer. I'm surprised ya didnae have me pinin' for a haggis while ya were at it. H-A-C-K.

Jayme: I'm writing this serial on the fly. Usually around 11 p.m. on a Sunday night. It's a rough first draft, in all honesty. If I was ever to republish it someday, I'd do a major dialog polish. And Mike Meyers wasn't so bad in So I Married an Ax Murderer. That's actually an underrated film.

Flavius: Meyers sucks. So did that film.

Jayme: This isn't Ebert & Roeper. I wanted to talk to you about this serial I'm writing.

Flavius: About this serial yer ripping off, ya mean.

Jayme: I'm not ripping anything off.

Flavius: Nae? How about Moorcock? Zelazny? Wolfman?

Jayme: Moorcock and Zelazny are obvious inspirations. I won't deny that. Lots of Moorcock. You left out Broderick, by the way. But Wolfman's probably less so than the others. You're thinking Crisis on Infinite Earths, and there's just not much of a comic book influence here.

Flavius: 'Nexus of All Realities."

Jayme: What do you mean?

Flavius: Yer a bright boy. Ya know how to Google.

Jayme: Okay, hang on a moment... oh shit.

Flavius: Graverobber is what ya are. And a hack.

Jayme: I didn't know--

Flavius: Sure ya didnae.

Jayme: I mean, I love Steve Gerber's work. I love Howard the Duck--Dr. Bong, the Iron Duck Suit, the Max mini series--but I never read those Adventure into Fear or Giant-Size Man-Thing issues. Seriously. I swear I don't have any Man-Thing issues with Howard.

Flavius: Right, lad. And that big dissolving boulder from chapter 4 wasn't a "Stone of Oblivion" at all, was it?


Flavius: It's nae nice to steal from dead people.

Jayme: Whoops, looks like our time is up. Thanks for sitting down with me today, Flavius. It's been... interesting. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some rewriting to do.

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