Monday, June 01, 2009

Lucky 13

Thirteen years ago today The Wife and I got ourselves hitched. Three kids, several jobs and two cities later we seem to be still together. Whoda thunk it? We marked the occasion yesterday with lunch at our favorite New Braunfels restaurant, the Huisatche, followed by a photo excursion to the Guadalupe River and a quick shopping trip to Target. In the evening, we put Serenity in the DVD player (having just completed the Firefly series a few nights before) and cursed Fox for their chronic stupidity. Then to lighten the mood, we took in a season three episode of Coupling in which the perpetually befuddled Jeff does a riff on Cyrano de Bergerac that had us both doubled over with laughter. And the Brits get away with saying a lot more than U.S. broadcast networks would ever allow.

In between we reminisced about events 13 years ago, how my lame bachelor party consisted of watching Goldeneye and Species, while the wife was stuck at relatives' who insisted on watching Braveheart. We both agreed our lives would've been fraught with much less angst had we somehow managed to connect in college--we've identified several "ships passing in the night" instances, as it were, which would lead us to believe our eventual connection a thing of fate, were we the sort to actually believe in that sort of thing. Which we don't, but playing "what if?" is always fun.

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  1. Scott Cupp1:38 PM

    May congratulations on surviving and thriving this long. Not many can do it anymore. Wishing you many, many more

  2. Congratulations to you two youngsters. May you have many more years together.