Friday, May 29, 2009

Infrared fun

Haven't inflicted any of my infrared photography on the masses in a while, so I figure we're due. Went into San Antonio on Monday to scout some locations for an upcoming photo shoot of The Wife's, and part of that time was spent in some of the old city cemeteries. We didn't stay long, because 1) it was blistering hot and 2) mosquitoes were swarming like locusts. But I did grab the opportunity to set up my camera and fire off a few infrared test shots, with Monkey Girl volunteering to serve as the model. She's taken a liking to the ghostly effect of infrared, and the cemetery was an appropriate backdrop.


After the cemeteries, we stopped by Mission San Jose for a quick shoot. Here the blistering heat turned it up to 11, so between the soaking sweat and irritable kids, I didn't shoot much in the way of IR before packing up my equipment and seeking shade. But I did again manage to fire off a few test shots. Not the best angle for the mission, but interesting nonetheless. I plan on going back eventually--later in the evening--to get a better assortment of shots.


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