Friday, August 07, 2009

San Antonio in 2013!

San Antonio in 2013! San Antonio in 2013!

I am, quite honestly, shocked at this. I was absolutely convinced that Dallas would be the host city, or possibly Fort Worth, considering the fact that the ConDFW and Fencon folks have both made no secret about their desire to host a Worldcon. The fact that those are two well-run conventions with workers already in place, as opposed to San Antonio, which doesn't even host an annual local con, seemed to stack the deck. But wow. LoneStarCon 2 was my first Worldcon, and in my unbiased opinion, there's not a better city around to host a shindig of this type. Now to get my pre-supporting membership...

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  1. I was hoping for Houston, but knew it was unlikely.

    I was betting on San Antonio.

    Now to pre-support and see where they want me to volunteer.

  2. That just shows how much out of the loop I am. I thought the bid started in "Big" and ended in "D."

  3. As far as I know, Dallas was never in the running. It was Houston, San Antonio & Fort Worth.

  4. From the original SMOFcon announcement last year that Texas would front a bid, the three initial cities were Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Fort Worth and Austin were added. Reading between the lines, I suspect there were facilities issues, ie uncooperative/disinterested venues.