Thursday, August 27, 2009

Somebody stop me

Why is it that with the huge Chicken Ranch project on my plate, my online serial Memory that's been languishing for a month without a new installment, a possible story for Lee Martindale's "Women of Tradetown" antho to write and the incomplete "Shoals of Cibola" waiting to be finished, I find myself researching Pak-Mor side-loading garbage trucks? And rubber tree plantations? And street sweepers? Why can't I simply finish a project before ideas for another being taking over my waking thoughts? Why?

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  1. Bethe Bugbee6:55 PM

    If you ever find out how to finish one project without being distracted by another one please let me know! I've been suffering from the same problem. You could probably make a mint writing a book about it, but then that would be starting another project...

    My almost-six-year-old started writing a story in pictures just last week. The following day she told me that she had too many ideas for other stories in her head and she didn't know what to do. Apparently this problem has nothing to do with age.