Monday, September 21, 2009

Drama queen

So, The Wife just got a serious inquiry for a wedding photography gig. This is good. She's also contracted to shoot a major event for Texas State University next month and delivered contracted images to the New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce today. Did I mention the huge, gallery-wrap canvas art prints of her work that are being hung in the new Schobel's Restaurant in New Braunfels? Lisa on Location is one of the top Google hits for New Braunfels photography, and steadily climbing the charts for San Antonio searches as well. She's a member of the Professional Photographers of America as well.

Which is why I take umbrage at someone questioning her professional credentials. Particularly nincompoops.

We're actually getting a good laugh out of this, so bear with me, as I like to vent in grandiose manner on occasion. There is a person we shall refer to as Prima Donna. Prima is an aspiring model, and a year or so back, The Wife friended Prima on a social networking site as a friendly gesture. Prima curtly responded that The Wife wasn't professional enough for Prima to waste time with. Ouch. It's not as if Prima could've done a quick Google search and found The Wife's website and galleries that way... oh, wait. They could have, but chose not to. Fascinated by such boorish behavior, we decided to keep tabs on Prima. In the ensuing six months, Prima flaked on photographers (ie not showing up for scheduled shoots) then abruptly quite modeling all together, making the announcement with a mass email dripping with melodrama. We laughed and rolled our eyes. A short while back, however, Prima announced their triumphant return with an equally melodramatic mass email, inviting recipients to a networking event for models and photographers. It also encouraged recipients to invite like-minded folks along as well.

Fine. We've attended these things before. It's a good opportunity to meet models and discuss shoot concepts as well as network with other photographers and talk shop in a non-competitive environment. In short, it'd be a business-related date night for The Wife and I. We both RSVP'd.

Shortly thereafter, Prima sends The Wife an email asking to see her online portfolio, the not-so-subtle implications being that her professional status is suspect and needs Prima's personal vetting before being deemed worthy of coming. This comes, you'll note, AFTER Prima specifically included her in the original invitation list. The Wife, wisely, ignored such crass behavior. So Prima approached her again, this time more insistent. So this got us to thinking--Is Prima playing these petty games of palace intrigue with other people on the invite list? We knew several, so we made some discrete inquiries. Oh lordy! Other folks are getting messages from Prima far more insufferable and impudent. Narcissism and arrogance are bad enough on their own, but they are most definitely not two great tastes that go great together. Apparently, in Prima Donna's world, photographers and models live in isolation bubbles and never speak to each other under any circumstances, much less compare notes.

Fun stuff. What new and exciting dramas does the future hold?

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  1. So, is this the pro-photographer equivalent of "Hey, I got a great idea for a novel! You write it and we'll split the royalties!"?