Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday Night Videos

I've heard so much about Flight of the Conchords over the past year from folks like Chris Roberson that The Wife and I decided to Netflix their HBO series. And let me tell you, these New Zealand pseudo-folk satirists are witty and funny as all get-out. They're like Dumb & Dumber, or perhaps Bob & Doug Mackenzie, only with musical talent and a lot more innocence. They've been around for a long time prior to the TV show, and part of their shtick is their constant failure as musicians. One bit involves how, as New Zealanders, they were invited to compose a theme song for Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movies--a theme song which was subsequently rejected. The TV series afforded them the opportunity to make a video for it, and the result is brilliant:

But the live concert version is well worth the time as well. Funny still, but in a different context. These guys are definitely recommended.

Previously on Friday Night Videos... Jimmy Buffett.

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